Vidaloop, Leading Innovator in Verifiable Mobile Voting, Announces Shutdown of Operations
San Diego, CA       |      05 / 11 / 2023
It is with a heavy heart that Vidaloop, a pioneering company behind an end-to-end verifiable mobile voting system (VotingApp), announces the unfortunate decision to shut down its operations. Despite successfully achieving its primary objective of developing a groundbreaking technology that guarantees security, accessibility, and voter privacy, Vidaloop faced challenges in securing the necessary funding for its transition into a fully operational elections company.
Since its inception, Vidaloop has been committed to revolutionizing the democratic process through its innovative mobile voting system. With substantial initial funding, the company dedicated extensive resources and expertise to create a cutting-edge solution that would reshape the way elections are conducted. Through rigorous testing and collaboration with experts in the field, Vidaloop successfully demonstrated the viability and potential of its groundbreaking technology.
Regrettably, despite the notable achievements and validation of its technology, Vidaloop encountered difficulties in securing a second round of funding crucial for the company's growth and sustainability. Without the necessary resources to expand its operations and serve counties and states effectively, Vidaloop had to make the difficult decision to cease its activities.
"We are immensely proud of what we have accomplished with our verifiable mobile voting system," said Co-Founder & CEO, Ryan Cook. "Our technology has surpassed expectations and proven its ability to revolutionize the democratic process. However, without the necessary funding to scale our operations, we are unable to continue serving counties and states as we had envisioned."
Vidaloop extends its sincerest gratitude to its dedicated team members, investors, partners, and supporters who have contributed to its success and shared in its vision for a more accessible and secure electoral system. The company remains hopeful that its pioneering work will inspire future advancements in the field of secure voting technology.
About Vidaloop
Vidaloop is an innovative technology company that developed an end-to-end verifiable mobile voting system. The company aimed to revolutionize the democratic process by ensuring secure, accessible, and private voting. Despite achieving its technological goals, Vidaloop was unable to secure the necessary funding to transition into a viable elections company, leading to the unfortunate decision to shut down its operations.
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