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We build technology solutions that reduce voting barriers and strengthen American democracy.
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A civic tech tool for discovering politicians you align with.
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Voting App
A secure and verifiable mobile voting system.
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Non - Partisan
As a nonpartisan organization, we believe making informed voting decisions should be quick & easy for everyone. We strive to advance American democracy, not one particular party’s agenda.
Meet the Team
As co-founder and President, Ryan spearheads Vidaloop’s growth and innovative technology development. For over 20 years, he’s developed, designed and managed software products and businesses, including web-scale systems, business process automation, and enterprise software systems. His passion to create technology that improves the lives of its users is at the core of Vidaloop and its products. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys skateboarding and traveling the world with his family.
Ryan Cook
As co-founder and Vice President, Manny is responsible for corporate strategy, investor relations, and leading product development. Prior to co-founding Vidaloop, Manny was a founding member of Serena Software, where for over 30 years, he pioneered the development of the company’s flagship enterprise products. When he’s not at the office, you can catch Manny at local coffee shops, spending time with his family, or jogging along the coast with his dog, Sammie.
Manny Panis
Sarah drives business operations for Vidaloop in alignment with the company's vision and culture. As a former HR Director and Chief Operating Officer, she brings her experience managing and scaling operations to the Vidaloop team. Outside of work, Sarah produces an annual conference for emerging women leaders, serves on the nonprofit board of Girls Rising, and enjoys hanging out with her two pups, Sadie & Sunny.
Sarah Horton
VP of Operations
Andy drives development of Vidaloop's Voterly product. As a Full Stack Developer, he writes code that solves complex problems and creates positive social impact. Andy brings over 10 years of experience building web applications and creating intuitive interfaces to the Vidaloop team. In his free time, he likes to take advantage of San Diego’s beautiful beaches or stay home with a pizza and his Nintendo Switch.
Andy Groff
Principal Software Engineer
As Principle Product Designer, Will creates digital products that are intuitive, concise, empathetic, and of course aesthetically pleasing.  Will has over 12 years of freelance and professional experience as a multi-disciplinary creative specializing in UX/UI Design, Motion Design, Photography, and Video.  In his free time you can usually find Will out in the water surfing or road tripping up and down the west coast with his camera.
Will Rust
Principal Product Designer
As Principal Product Manager, Dave is responsible for defining and scoping the online voting product and making sure all of the regulatory and customer requirements are met. For the last decade he's been working with state and local jurisdictions both on the government side and as a product/certification manager for several elections vendors. He has participated in many industry working groups to help define and inform standards guidelines as well as working directly with small and large implementation projects. When not working to modernize democracy, Dave enjoys playing pickup basketball, working with his hands on various house and automotive projects, and being a dad to two amazing girls.
Dave Wallick
Principal Product Manager
As a Senior Software Developer, Jared writes code that is secure, scalable, and test-driven for Vidaloop’s Android applications. Jared brings a decade of Android knowledge. Previous to Vidaloop, he has worked on Android projects for major auto manufacturers, entertainment companies, and start-ups as well as his own company which had apps with over 60M installs on Google Play. When Jared isn’t writing code, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters at the beach or Disneyland.
Jared Rummler
Senior Software Developer for Android
Jens is writing code for Vidaloop's Apple based applications. He has been writing mobile applications for over 22 years, starting his career with Nokia where he was responsible for creating several of the essential applications running on the phones. He eventually moved into writing code for smartphones. First the Symbian platform, then later Android before transitioning into the Apple ecosystem 6 years ago. For the past 4 years he has also been working with IoT technology, developing smart-home hubs and mobile applications. When Jens is not writing code for mobile devices you are likely to encounter him flying airplanes, either by himself or as a flight instructor with students learning to fly.
Jens Troest
Senior Software Developer for iOS
Achilles is a full-stack software developer with experience implementing myriad elections systems applications, from voter registration to ballot marking to election administration. He's extremely excited to help build technology that will directly fortify democratic institutions. When Achilles isn't working he's most likely chasing his dog or chickens or his dog chasing his chickens. In quieter times, he tries to spend as much time as he can in the sun and in conversation with his family and friends.
Achilles Schmelzer
Full Stack Developer
As Senior Software Engineering Manager, Shaun manages the day to day development efforts for Vidaloop. He brings 20 years of programming and IT experience, from building patented reporting and remediation software for a major ISP to distributed software for a security automation and orchestration start up. Shaun loves to build highly functioning teams working to achieve company milestones while helping individual contributors to achieve personal goals. When Shaun isn’t working to strengthen American democracy, he spends time with his wife and two sons (who clobber him in video games), on-roading on his motorcycle, off-roading in his Jeep, and tending his vineyard to make wine.
Shaun Burdick
Senior Software Engineering Manager
Justin Packwood breaks things so users don't have to. Justin brings nearly a decade of software quality experience to the team, including previous experience in the elections industry. When not on the clock, Justin spends his spare time split between copious side projects, including software engineering to a full home-lab server rack in his basement.
Justin Packwood
Senior Software Engineer in Test
Ksenia is an experienced QA Engineer with multiple stack development knowledge. She worked in different industries and helped to automate testing of several enterprise applications, including voting systems for LA County. She is passionate about testing and quality of software applications and well designed automation systems. Outside of work spends time with her family, visits campings and enjoys California nature.
Ksenia Laveeva
Senior Software Engineer in Test
In addition to nearly a decade of software engineering experience in various industries, from game development to fundraising to healthcare, Will brings an upbeat attitude, egalitarian spirit, and boundless curiosity to everything he does. When he’s not programming, he’s probably in the kitchen baking, in the studio composing electronic music, or at Legoland with his kids.
Will Grootonk
Software Developer
Chris is a Bay Area-born recent graduate from SDSU applying his years of experience in school and side projects to his first professional job at Vidaloop. He brings a good attitude, a passion for creating impactful software, youthful spirit, vibe coordination experience and unrivaled skill in a bird costume to the team. He’s often found at his desk listening to hundreds of hours of showtunes, or in Disneyland enjoying a churro.
Chris Gilardi
Software Developer
Garrett has been “bringing the end-user perspective since 2002”, working tech support roles in various industries early in his career before focusing on his true calling: Quality.  Garrett is a lifelong learner whose latest subjects of interest include software development, Spanish and learning to play the guitar.  When he is not assuring that Vidaloop releases the highest quality software on the market, Garrett can be found camping, hiking or snowboarding in the mountains of Utah or traveling anywhere and everywhere with his girlfriend, Kathi.
Garrett Rees
QA Engineer
Keani is a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, with a longtime passion for civic engagement and advocacy. As the political data coordinator, Keani contributes to the accurate and reliable research Voterly provides its users, ensuring every voter is well informed. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her taking a dance class, teaching fitness, or making music.
Keani Vierra
Political Data Coordinator
The office pups are the life of the Vidaloop pawty. They like to interrupt meetings, nap under random desks, and follow anyone with food. When they're not in the office, you can catch them playing fetch with their coworkers outside.
Sadie, Sunny & Elvis
Office Pups